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Non-Executive Squared

Non-Executive Squared offers an easy, informal and fast way to get access to a wealth of business experience, knowledge and practical support. A friendly and supportive non-executive director on call if you like - but without the need for lengthy introductions and meetings, expensive contracts or formality.

Developed to help entrepreneurs and builders of business resolve situations that inevitably come along to test us, Non-Executive Squared is delivered by a proven, trusted and ‘solid’ resource who might just be able to help you with a business or human challenge you face alone.

Martin Smith - Non-Executive Squared
Throughout my business career, when faced with a new situation or big call to make, I often felt it would be great to be able to call a trusted and experienced friend or ally who would give me an honest and informed opinion and perspective to enable a better decision or way forward. I’ve created Non-Executive Squared to do just that for you.  Martin Smith - Non-Executive Squared View all testimonials >
Knowledge and Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise - On Demand

My service is all about being there to help you when you need it, on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. You won’t need to make big decisions about non-exec. contracts, or new team members.

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